The Raggies

Jack Kilpatrick, Guitar and Vocals; Diamond Dave, Harp; Chris Churchill, Bass; Robert Trujillo, Drums



Mujeres De Juarez Blues

Rough Trade

Mirrors On The Ceiling

The In And Out Game

Fag Hag

Left Alone

Stonin and Bonin

Sex Traffic Jam

She Pulled The Train

Bonin And Stonin

Help Me Live My Life

Why Do The Good Times Have to Hurt So Bad?

Taco Wagon

Stone Truckin’ Again

Drunken Highway


Harley Race

Club Erotica

Fever in the Cathouse

Titty Baby

Angel Dust

Acapulco Gold

Four in the Morning


(Gotta Get Some) Pussy

Tallapoosa Woman

Usin You

Don't Jack Me Around

Ghetto Rock





Cindy Mae

Wagon Mound

Squeaky Windows


  Taco Wagon